New Trends In Retail Industry

The retail industry is coming up with so many new trends that have made shopping like never before. Most stores are no longer functioning according to the traditional shopping experience, where you’d normally drive up to the store, walk along the isles, fill up your cart and pay at the counter. Rather, there are no physical stores in place. The virtual world has taken its course and hence people simply order online and the items will be delivered to your doorstep. So here are some of the newest trends you’d experience in retail.

1. Self-service

Who has time to wait in lines at the counter? In this fast moving world, people are always seeking for faster and easier payment methods. Modern stores encourage self service where there are no counters as such. It is your duty to fill up your cart, hold them to the bar code readers and pay your bill. Stores have introduced Pay-pal and other easy payment methods so that you do not need to worry about change.

2. Environmental friendly shopping

With the emergence of the ‘green’ concept, stores have taken steps to move from plastic and polythene to environmentally friendly products. You’d see many stores using flat paper bags rather than polythene bags so that you could easily dispose them. They also encourage you to carry reusable cloth bags so that you don’t have carry so many bags every time you come in.

3. Customization

How cool is it to see your name printed on your coffee cup or even on your shopping bag? Stores go to great extents to make sure every customer is treated in a special way to give an ultimate shopping experience. Cafes give out paper coffee cups Australia with your name printed on them. They would even icing your name on your favourite cookies or even introduce a new type of cake under your name.

4. Loyalty-points cards

Supermarkets, clothing stores and even electrical stores take up this trend. The store will issue you a loyalty card and every time you make a purchase at that specific store, a number of points will be added to your card. At the end of the month or year, you could redeem them by making a purchase for that amount, or gain discounts. They would also offer you various prizes and other discounts since you hold a loyalty card.

5. Sector mix

Bookshops selling coffee, coffee shops selling music and books, supermarkets selling loans, the list of mixes may go on. These stores have identified the vast needs of the people who come to shop at their right stores and cater to all such needs. People too like the idea of sipping a coffee while at the bookstore and hence would make it a point to come back over and over again.

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