What To Do After A Robbery?

Did an unfortunate robbery take place at your residence? It may have been a robbery with huge losses. Or it could have been a robbery that didn’t affect you at all much. But you will to ensure some factors are taken care of. On a side note always make a complaint of the robbery to the police however big or small. And always readily provide all the necessary information to the cops.Check your belongingsFirst and foremost you will need to check your belongings. You will need to do a thorough check of all your belongings at least twice to be a hundred percent sure which belongings have been taken and where the rest are. Always make sure to not tell out information to everyone out there about where the robber has taken the belongings from and where your rest is hidden. As you never know who the robber is and there may be a potential robber amongst the crowd. It is always best to give out as little information is possible.Security Next you will need to increase the security. You can call up an emergency locksmith South Perth and find out if they can change the lock of all the doors. You may also have to change the lock of the cupboards. If you have a safe in place and it has been pried open you may need to get a new one. Or you may only have to change the code. You need to keep in mind that in some cases they may have installed pinhole cameras near the safe to record the codes. So always be on alert!Security systemsYou can also upgrade to an electronic security system that will give your house more protection and better security. You can set up an alarm system where the alarm will sound if there is a break in and automatically notify the relevant area police who is patrolling the area. This would be a better idea in addition to change door locks. Such electronic systems are a great option though they can get a bit expensive and sometimes have break downs making them unreliable.Change the places your belongings are keptFinally, make sure to change the place of your belongings. It is always a good idea to occasionally change the place your precious belongings are kept. You should also only tell a person you entrust the place of your belongings as otherwise you never know who the robber will be.