Reasons To Opt For Slate Flooring

While talking about flooring, you can have several options available in hand. Apart from wood, marble, tiles and slate are also in use for flooring. Natural slate can provide your house with a unique and beautiful look. Moreover, slates which use for flooring is durable and remain exactly the same for a long time. limestone tiles

By using limestone tiles Melbourne you can give your house an essence of mountain range. Besides, by installing slate flooring you can attract buyers and such floorings help you in hiking the price of your home. Here are given some reasons of slate flooring.

  • It is durable – Are you opting for having a beautiful stone like texture on the floor? Then, slate flooring is the best option for you. Moreover, this type of floor is durable and remains exactly the same years after. Slate is not at all flabby and that is why it can bear several scratches and weight. So, slate floor tiles are just appropriate for indoor and outdoor. Slate flooring is resistant to cracks, breaks and chips. Although this type of flooring lasts long, but if it is maintained then slate floors will last for decades.
  • You will have several options – Another benefit of slate flooring is you will have ample of choices in hand. Some flooring, like woods and granite, fail to provide several styles. For this you need to keep your wish limited in between two or three options. But with slate flooring, you will see various styles and designs. Moreover, you can buy the preferable colour of slate for floors. Yes, slates are not available only in black, but slates which are used for flooring can be in different shades. But you need not to take worry about these colours as this colour is entirely natural. Slate colours provide you with the scope to create a contrast with walls.
  • Cost effective and increases value – Although slate flooring looks amazing but you can’t deny its cost effectiveness. The main reason of its high price is its durability. The starting price of slate flooring is really high and the more high quality slate you choose the more its price will be. Although slate flooring is cost effective, but still you can’t deny its benefits. When you sell your property because of slate flooring you can hike the price of your house and the buyers can’t bargain with you.