Get Your Toilet Handicap Friendly In A Day

If you have a parent coming back from a hospital in a handicapped condition or a family member who has become crippled, you would want to make certain changes to your home environment. Usually the main challenge lies in modifying a toilet area. This can be a big deterrent to such a person as they remain dependent on others for helping them with their different toilet and bathroom needs. Today, many bathroom fixture suppliers have ready-made solutions for their customers who can help turn their bathrooms into handicap friendly places and that too done with minimal changes and in a short span of time.

Ready-made shower units
The main advantage comes from ready-made shower cubicles or units that can be installed with minimal changes. For that reason drop down grab rail, shower faucets, stools for sitting as well as anti slip flooring is all part of a shower unit that is handicap friendly. What’s more, such a unit comes with all necessary accessories as a complete unit for installation. The modern fixtures do not need any messy tiling or grouting. For that reason the installation happens fast and smoothly. If the floor space available does not need any modification, such a unit can be installed in a day. Check out more about shower curtain rail curved.

Toilet changes
The next change that you need to look into is to change the toilet seat in a way that a handicapped person can use it easily. This comprises of installing a toilet with a handle by the side. These are again modern fixtures that come as a complete set. With modern installation methods it is possible to have a working and a handicap friendly toilet in your home by the end of the day. You can look up suppliers who offer showers for the elderly and would also have such toilet fixtures handy and in store.

Rails and floor mats
There would be certain other changes you need to incorporate to make your toilet changes complete. That would comprise of installing seats and stools in certain strategic corners or by wash basins. You would also want grab rails to be installed in the walls for providing support. Last but not the least; you need to have floor mats that will provide an anti slip effective. With modern toilet accessories you can easily get such supplies overnight. Once the necessary supplies are in place, installation can be done in a jiffy and your toilet would be ready for use by a handicapped person. He or she will be able to maneuver themselves around such a space with minimal supervision.