Disadvantages Of Food Catering

Still, no matter how advantageous you think food catering can be you should be responsible and compare the negatives of food catering against the positives to see if it really is beneficial for your party or event.

Here are the disadvantages of food catering for organised events.


If you hire food caterers for your event then you are going to incur more costs, some of which can be very high depending on the type of caterers you need.

Most food caterers, like most businesses, add a little extra on top of the amount it takes to actually cater an event to cover the costs of food, labour and to make a profit. This means if you think that you can cater for a party for less than the caterers quote you, you should give it a go because it could save you money. 


One of the worst thing about food caterers is the fact you have to implicitly trust the employees of the catering service to wander around your event and not do anything to jeopardise everything you have worked hard to make sure is perfect.If you cater the event yourself and hire you own people then you know this will not happen.

Lack of Variety

A lot of food caterers can just rehash the same food for an event to keep the costs of food down and make a larger profit, which is obviously not very good for any event.

The main negative of food catering is the lack of variety that food caterers can serve.