Does A Native English Speaker Need An English Tutor?

Education is the only thing that distinguishes a man from animal. It is because of education that mankind has turned from living a barbarous lifestyle to a civilized one. Education enables the person to distinguish between right and wrong. This education is definitely imparted by someone and that someone is our teacher. Even if a single word of wisdom is taught by a person then that person shall be respected as a teacher. teacher and tutor; both belongs to the same profession but there lays some differences between them as teacher is appointed by an educational institutes like school, college and university while tutor works on his own or under some private institute. In this article, we will be discussing that whether a native English speakers needs to hire an English tutor or not.

English tutor:

English tutor in Adelaide is the tutor who teaches English grammar, English literature and English language to the student.  The student can understand an English tutor more than an English teacher because the tutor teaches the student on one on one basis. On the other hand, teacher has to teach English subject to the whole class and cannot give enough attention to each and every student. Moreover, a student might feel embarrassed to ask a simple English question to the teacher but he won’t think twice before asking his English tutor because he knows that there is only his tutor and him.

Does a native English speaker need an English tutor?

Many people assume that they are native English speaker so they do not need to take English classes or there is no need to hire an English tutor but this is a total misconception because even if they are a native English speaker but that does not mean that they can easily pass in English subject. Even if a native English speaker can speak English fluently but that does not mean that he knows everything about English because we get to see many such native English speakers who finds English grammar as complex as any non-native English speaker. Moreover, it is not just English language which is taught in English class, there is much more than that, like English literature which includes drama, novel, plays and prose.

Conclusively, it will not be wrong to say that native English speaker must pay as much of attention to his English class as any non-native English speaker and must not hesitate in hiring an English tutor if he finds any difficult in learning English.


This notion must be eliminated that native English speakers do not find any difficulty in English class. Even though they are fluent English speakers but still they can find equal difficulty in learning English language and English literature as any non-native English speaker. So, one must not be hire an English tutor if he finds a need to. “Tutoring for excellence” makes sure to provide you with the best English tutor.  Check this link to find out more details.