Getting Your Facts Straight

There may have been many a times when you have heard people who are normally considered exercise freaks and exercise fanatics talking about various health related and exercise related jargon like workout that builds muscle strength and workout that builds muscle bulk, and you may have looked at them like they are crazy because you are thinking doesn’t it all mean the same thing. But indeed you are the one who is mistaken. Because these two terms actually mean two different things. Because scientifically speaking muscle bulk is the actual size of your muscle in terms of the bulge that you create when you flex them and what is visible to you. whey protein NZ

But on the other hand muscle tone is something that is a bit more complex. Because in medical terms it actually means the residual tension that is present in your muscles even when that particular muscle in your body is completely at rest. To put it in ore common terms it’s the firmness or the tension that is there in our muscles even when we are at rest and not using any of the muscles in our body, for example when we are lying down.

The different needs of the different genders

When you look at it from a statistical perspective then we will notice that there is often a difference between the two genders to who wants what. Because more often than not it’s the men who are trying to work on muscle building as part of their exercise regime. They have special workouts and exercise to ensure that this is the end result of what they do. And you will also notice that they complement their exercise with protein powder which is thought to be an excellent supplement that help you in building up muscle. And this is the reason you see so many males who work out really hard in the gyms I order to maintain and build up body muscle having protein shakes most times than not.

Muscle tone and women

On the other hand if you look at the need to tone up the muscles, you will find that it is commonly the women folk who talk about such exercises. You will hear them talking about toning up their abdomen and maintaining their well tones body and so on. This is the reason they tend to focus on exercise and not on supplements such as whey protein concentrate, which can give them effects which they don’t desire, like increased muscle size which will end up with them having a bulky physique. Which was not their intention at all. Most women want to have a slim and well tones body. That is what they desire and protein supplements will not give them this.If you had been confused about the meaning of the two terms before this hope the explanation above helps you sort it out.