How Not To Wear Your Locks

We all love to style our locks and get ourselves brand spanking new looks almost every day if we can. But there is a fine line between styling your tresses and damaging them. In our rush to get to work or in our need to look polished we might resort to some classical styles that are all good and well if they are used now and again but not on a daily basis. So unless you want to see your locks get all damaged and broken, try not to wear your tresses these ways all the time.

Pony tails and chignons

It is a fact that has been tried and tested many a time that the pony tail and the chignon are long standing hand down champions of making you look classy, well groomed and hiding dirty unwashed locks with absolute grace. However, here is what happens when you repeat this style every day. Using elastic ties can really cut into the shaft of your locks and if you put in the same style every day imagine the kind of damage that it will cause. The same goes for chignons as well. If you feel like your locks are unmanageable and that you simply cannot go without it, try thinking of an alternative hair up method that will not use elastic ties and can be changed on a regular basis.

Tight braids and reverse milkmaids

Braids have and will always be in our fashion books, period. That braid looks out of style said no one ever so you know that braids are always in style. But here is the catch. Tight braid will result in tugging at the hairline causing a lot of tensile stress that can lead some really serious loss of locks. If u wear tightly done braids for a long period of time, such a cornrows, you will see that there is quite a bit of loss of tresses that will happen. Anything that tugs at your scalp and feels too tight is exactly that and it is definitely something that you should avoid. If you want to get such a styling done get to the best hairdressers in Melbourne so that they can do it with a much less harm as possible.

Wet up-dos on you locks

If tying up your locks all the time, while it is dry is harmful, tying up wet locks into a bun is way more worse than that. While it will look cute, shiny and all very neat, the maount of tugging that it will result in will causing breaking and splitting of follicles that will lead of shedding. Besides, you will also have to watch out for headaches that can happen when your tresses do not dry properly after a shower for a long period of time.