The Perfect Addition To Your Backyard – What Should You Keep In Mind?

Swimming pools are a wonderful addition to just about any home. And if you are of the opinion that your backyard might be too small to house one, there is always the option of a plunge pool, a more recent spin on the large lap pools that you would see at swimming centres or institutions. Simply put, a plunge pool is exactly like your average swimming pool, but smaller and shallower. With how homes tend to get smaller and smaller due to increasing value of the land, it is obvious that not every home has enough space for a sixteen-meter pool, hence why designers are popularizing these smaller pools. Adding to this is the fact that these plunge pools are also easier to maintain given their smaller size, and also cost far less. In fact, unless you are a swimmer or someone who takes his or her swimming practice seriously, a plunge pool is often the better option for a home.Most plunge pools nowadays tend to incorporate spas and other facilities, but that is not to say you cannot get a barebones pool either. What exactly should you focus on when installing a plunge pool? Read on below!

  • Size – the size of the pool is usually the number one priority to consider. Keep in mind that you do not have to install the largest pool you can afford, whether price-wise or space-wise. A small plunge pool can also be an ideal addition, especially if you are considering an indoor pool or the like. Since swimming is not the main idea behind these pools, even a small metre by metre pool can be a good addition.
  • Heating and amenities – plunge pools technically tend to have cold water, but there is no reason why you cannot have heating, especially when that means you will be able to use the pool year-round. Not to add, the addition of heating facilities can also make it easy to add amenities such as hot tubs, jets and the like, which can help you relax in the pool.
  • Seating – considering the addition of amenities as the ones mentioned above, it also makes sense to include seating in your plunge pool, especially if it is deep enough or does not have a flat floor. The seating is often on the shallower side of the plunge pool in case it has a deep end, or otherwise, you can have a ledge running all around the pool.
  • Aesthetics – and finally, to conclude, do not forget about the aesthetics of the pool! Nowadays, you can find plunge pools with water fountains, infinity ledges, feature tiling, spillways and plenty of other features that increase their relative appeal. As such, do not forget to leave a portion of your budget for beautification purposes!