A Detailed Introduction To Bicycles


Bicycle can be generally termed as a transportation vehicle which comprise of two wheels which are usually provided with rubber tire along with a rubber tube. These wheels are aligned in line my means of a diamond shaped frame which is along with some wheel mounting rods where the wheels are mounted. These wheels are accelerated with the help of two pedals which are provided alongside the frame with a gear which is connected to a rear gear with the help of a metal chain. These pedals allow manage the relative motion of both of the wheels. These pedals are pushed with the help of external foot force which allow the wheels to carry the body of the cycle and the rider to cover distance. Last but not the least, a bicycle is steered with the help of a handling bar which is connected to an elevated bar from the front tire. That bar is provided with generally two break grips which allow the rider to control or reduce the speed if required. The functioning of the steer bar is entirely manual.

Types and Uses:

Bicycles are of many shapes and kinds. Some bicycles require human for to cover distance which are normally pedal driven, while some are motor operated which give the rider an easy to just control the accelerator by hands. Bicycles in early times were majorly used for transportation but in modern day life, bicycles are used for fitness and health activities. The reason behind calling is a bicycle is that it is provided with a set of two wheels.

There are many advantages of buying a bicycle as these are one of the most effective healthy mode of transportation. Bicycle is a human accelerated vehicle which is usually provided with one seat. Cycling is a worldly known sport and is known to be the world’s second most important sport. Cycling require no fuel which makes it one of the most energy efficient mode of transportation. Traditional cycles are still manual to accelerate but modern bicycles have been innovated and different types are introduced like city bicycles are used for travelling within city, while electric bicycles are battery operated. Specially vintage designed bikes for women are also introduced and sports cycles are also designed which are used for commercial racing.

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