Tips For Throwing A Bachelorette Party

Your best friend has final decided to tie the knot and you couldn’t be more excited for them. On top of all of the excitement, you have also been asked to be the maid of honor and be in charge planning the bachelorette party prior to the wedding. If you’ve ever been to a bachelorette party or had the honor of organizing one, you will clearly know all about the type of effort that it takes to pull off a bachelorette party. Organizing and planning is only the half of it.If your situation sounds similar to the above and you have been asked to organize a bachelorette party, the information that we have mentioned below will definitely be very helpful to you.

Set A Budget

Just because you have been given the responsibility of planning everything, you don’t need to be paying for everything because if you’re planning on organizing the cliché bachelorette party with the strippers and the booze, it is likely to come up to a pretty hefty price so call up her friends and family and ask who would be willing to pool in. Chances are, many people will pool in and give cash so you could begin the planning process. Most of the times, you wouldn’t even need to ask anybody because the family of the bride or the bride itself will provide the needed amount of cash. Everything from the chauffeur Melbourne to the food costs can be split amongst the friend group.

The Activities

Once you have set the budget, it is time to plan the activities for the night so that you can get to organizing everything. The most cost efficient way would be to host the party in your home town because if you plan something either in vegas or a famous city, you’re likely to have to arrange for limo Melbourne airport and get everybody’s visas sorted out. The entertainment is a big part of any bachelorette so sit down with the other friends who you will be splitting the costs with and try to find common activities that you all agree on so that no problems will arise and everybody will feel as though they were respected and considered during the planning process.

Ask Bride

Often times, the cliché picture of a bachelorette party is all about flying out to vegas and going out to strip clubs but the truth is, you should always consider what the bride would be comfortable with in terms of the activities that is going to be organized.