Why To Choose Regency Horse Floats?

About the client:

Being a horse owner, one need to take care a lot of things. Choosing a perfect horse float is one of them.  There are many products in market with different specifications. But finding all your requirements in one product is nearly impossible. To make this possible Regency horse floats is working for a long time. Its products are designed keeping in mind all the luxuries and essentials for trailing a horse. With classical deigns and modern technology, it is providing best products in horse floats market.

Regency horse floats is a leading company in supplying quality horse floats. It is a UK based company, now established in Australia with its classical designs and features.

It provides a range of luxurious horse floats, including Square Camper, Square 3 Angle Deluxe, 2 horse Angle deluxe and many more products.

Tips to purchase a horse float:

Purpose of horse floats is to move your horse from one place to other in the most convenient way. While purchasing a horse float, all you need to think is the ease of your horse.

Following tips must be kept in mind:

  • When you are looking for a float, first of all check for the entrance. Entrance of floats differ form each other. The entrance ramp differs in height and width. Choose how your horse is comfortable entering the float.
  • Secondly, consider the positioning space for your horse. Some times the floats are straight and sometimes it is slant.

Slant floats are better as they have accommodation of more than one horse due to its sloped design.

  • Thirdly consider the gooseneck and bumper pull. Goosenecks are better as they provide more room for

a living quarter or a dressing room.

  • Size of the float is one of the most important points to consider. The float must be large enough to comfortably adjust your horse.
  • Proper ventilation is another essential requirement in a horse float. So keep a deep look on ventilation of your float to keep its temperature feasible for your horse.
  • Lighting and safety are also equally important. If the float does not have ample lighting, it will not be comfortable for your horse as horses are nervous about the dark.

Safety measures that must be taken care of is proper brakes, non-slippery floor, and availability of equipment.

Why Regency Horse Floats?

All the products from Regency horse floats are designed keeping in mind the safety of your horses and ease of clients. They provide very economical, high quality, well appointed and safe floats. Instead of using timber floor, ply floor or other same types of flooring, Regency Floats uses non-rotting reinforced interlocking Aluminum floors. Thick rubber is used to seal the joins and edges to prevent pollutants from reaching the floor, this rubber also covers the ramps.

So if you are thinking to buy a horse float, Regency Floats is the best place to find a product of your choice. Check this link https://regencyfloats.com.au/ to find out more details.